Author Topic: Looking for a card reader to use with mini ipad  (Read 4303 times)


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Re: Looking for a card reader to use with mini ipad
« Reply #30 on: June 09, 2015, 07:47:34 PM »
I have the izettle one. It's a bit of a faff tbh. It's fine if it's the right type of card, think it's fine if it's MasterCard but if it's visa it's a nuisance. Might be the other way around. Anyways I haven't had any issues with my bank, no charges etc.

My iZettle card reader takes all cards - Visa no problem at all.  Do you have the freebie version?  That may have a Visa problem, the one you buy for 50 or so definitely doesn't.

I know a few people with iZettle who say on any given day it won't take one kind of card or another, with Mastercard being it's favourite to not take.  It's the reason I went with WPZ.

It doesn't seem to work unless there's H signal or wifi. If it's any sort of G then the app doesn't load.

Isn't G the same as 2G, only works for texts and phone calls, not internet?  I had this conversation with O2 when I was in the back end of Cumbria with G and couldn't get online, they said you need 3G or H (or better) to get internet, and for WPZ to work it needs internet or wifi.

Don't have a problem with any cards, BUT I do have wifi so that may make the difference.  I don't take it to fairs (though in theory you can, and they also do a portable receipt printer but I've not tried it).